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WH Mag

WH Mag is a city-based culture and lifestyle magazine.


The Winter Haven Garden

WH Mag - January Issue 2017


The Winter Haven garden is a community garden where families can plant their own crops and leave with whatever they need. In this segment, I photographed the garden for editorial use.


Project Overview

Role: Photography   /   Use: Editorial


Located in an area with high poverty ratings, the Winter Haven garden has been a symbol of hope and generosity to all who take part in it. 

When approaching this assignment, I wanted to capture the ripe fruits and vegetables with a theme of hope and abundance.

I directed the garden manager Beverly to tend to the foliage as if I weren't here and only intervened to get a better angle. The photo of the hands holding a single plantling symbolizes her status as the starter of this project, and all the hope the garden holds for Winter Haven. It was also chosen as the cover photo for the issue.

Read the full article here.

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It was truly a pleasure and privilege to give a platform to this great cause. If you would like to contribute to the Winter Haven community garden you can do so through this link.